A minimalist house

Desember 12, 2010
A minimalist home is less stressful. Clutter is a form of visual distraction, and everything in our vision pulls at our attention at least a little. The less clutter, the less visual stress we have. A minimalist home is calming. It is also more appealing. Think about photos of homes that are cluttered, and photos of minimalist homes. The ones with almost nothing in them except some beautiful furniture, some nice artwork, and a very few pretty decorations, are the ones that appeal to most of us.
A minimalist home is easier to clean. It’s hard to clean a whole bunch of objects, or to sweep or vacuum around a bunch of furniture. The more stuff you have, the more you have to keep clean, and the more complicated it is to clean around the stuff. Think about how easy it is to clean an empty room compared to one with 50 objects in it. That’s an extreme example, of course, as this article doesn’t recommend you have an empty room, but it’s just to illustrate the difference. Minimalist architecture uses the idea that less is more; ornamentions are quality rather than quantity. The building (house) is stripped to the bare minmimum leaving only neccessary walls, simple large windows and a flat roof. This can produce the great room, the combining of the rumah mungil yang sehat living room, kitchen and dining room that looks spacious. The style can use natural colours that can easily be seen in nature and the beauty of natural materials for finishes like real stone tiles, real metal and smooth wood panelling, et cetera. Uses modern building materials and manufacturing processes of the same. Modernist may like the look and feel of such a home style.

There are actually no set steps to making your home minimalist, except to change your philosophy and go for the ideals in the previous section above. This rumah mungil yang sehat article merely presents you with some ideas for how you might approach changing your home into a minimalist one.


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