Blackberry Reviews

Maret 18, 2011

BlackBerry’s seem harga jual blackberry iphone laptop murah to be the unit of choice for the large amount of commuters I see on the occasions I travel back home during the evening. What I cannot really understand is why a good number of them need to have two. Yes I know that one is probably issued by where they work and the other is their personal property but surely having two SIMS is possible so that the correct account pays the bill, anyhow the main thing here is their popularity. It is 10.5x6x1.5cm, as you might expect it is black with chrome trim round the sides and at the top part of the back.

The back itself is covered with a black leather like material giving it a non slip feel. Between this area and the chrome strip is the camera and flash module. The top and base have no connections. On the right edge are three buttons two on a toggle motion for volume while the single one lower down is for the still and video camera. The left side has the earbud socket, the USB socket and finally the voice control button that has three raised dots.Software.

The BlackBerry OS is mixed when it comes to software, but it does have some attributes. First, you get access to BlackBerry App World, RIM’s application store which is growing nicely. It lacks the enormous (and often overwhelming) selection of apps that you’ll find in the iPhone App Store, but you will find a decent selection of titles in there. The Tour also has the DataViz Docs To Go editing suite preinstalled, but you only get the Standard Edition of the suite, which doesn’t allow you to create new Microsoft Office documents.

For that capability, you’ll have to upgrade to the $70 Overall, though I find the harga jual BlackBerry  OS just a bit unorganized and harder to navigate than it should be. For example, you’ll find two folders on the Tour: one is labeled Applications Center and one is labeled Applications. In the Applications Center, you’ll find links to apps you can download — including a link to download BlackBerry App World. The difference between the two isn’t immediately apparent, though, so I often found myself opening the wrong folder.

The included 3.2-megapixel camera has auto-focus, a flash and digital zoom, and it captured some very good snapshots — as long as my subjects were sitting still. When a subject moved at all, the result was a very blurred photo. The camera also captures decent video clips, though some of my movies looked slightly blurry and choppy. Music and More The Verizon Wireless Tour I tested included access to Verizon’s very good V Cast with Rhapsody mobile music service. You can download tunes over-the-air to your phone.

The BlackBerry Tour boasts a very fair price, a top-notch design, and some of the best e-mail features around. If it only supported Wi-Fi, the Tour would likely earn my vote for the best BlackBerry smartphone yet. As it stands though, that honor still belongs to the BlackBerry Bold, which harga jual blackberry iphone laptop murah manages to offer support for both Wi-Fi and 3G networks.


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